One highly trained Social Expert will be assigned to your business. The Social Expert will learn the ins and outs of your business, create content and manage your social media platforms.


Socialli Services Include:
• A Highly Trained Social Expert
• Targeted Advertising
• Analytics, Insights and Reports


These are the three pillars of social media marketing and the keys to generating online enthusiasm for your business.


Founder Xavi Fajardo decided to take a chance and drop out of college to run @Bestvines and @Sarcasm_Only. His Instagram accounts grew so fast he started getting contacted by brands. He built an expert team of content creators and a network of influencers managing highly effective marketing campaigns. Our team works from San Luis Obispo, California managing a partnership network of over 500 accounts.


Sign away all the work and stress of managing a 24/7, 365 marketing campaign.


We build, manage and analyze social accounts on all the hottest platforms using the same strategies we developed working with FitTea, Warner Brothers, and Heinz.


Unsure or have questions? Our Social Director Stephen loves to hear from prospective and current clients.


(203) 979-6005


Socialli collects and analyzes the data coming from your Social Expert’s marketing efforts. You will receive monthly reports that will detail how your social media presence is developing.


These monthly reports highlight:
• Impression Counts
• Demographic Analysis
• Engagement Evaluations


Socialli’s Social Reports will deliver valuable information for your company that will be yours to keep regardless if you continue to work with Socialli. Our experts use this data to constantly improve your advertisements and marketing efforts.


As your Social Expert manages your digital personality and engages with customers online, Socialli Headquarters will create and manage highly targeted advertising campaigns.


These campaigns include:
• Creative Advertisements
• Localized Demographic Targeting


All marketing campaigns are custom made for your business.


All of our Social Experts have completed extensive training in social media marketing. Socialli will assign a local Social Expert to your business. The Social Expert will visit your business regularly to stay up to date on promotions and events. They will take pictures, create videos, and conduct interviews, building your digital presence.


Simply put, too many consumers have become numb to traditional marketing. And that means thousands of marketing dollars are wasted on postage, printing, ad buys and fulfillment costs.


Socialli cuts through the noise and delivers a highly personalized offer that resonates with your intended audiences at the exact time of need.


Socialli Targets a local audience. Further, we tailor a campaign to your specific audience demographics, such as gender, location, age and interests.


Data and Results are recorded and delivered to you by your Social Expert. Unlike traditional marketing methods, we can see in real time what is or is not working for your business online and adapt very quickly to improve results.


Viral: how often do your sales flyers get passed around instantly by your customers and prospects? Using social media enables your message to be shared incredibly quickly. We transfer experiences, emotions, and ideas through the digital world. This resonates with communities and quickly spreads through the internet getting your message out there.